Find the Fitness Instructor that Works for You

CoachWho stands for helping people sticking to fitness and wellness. Why fly solo when by joining a class or going 1-1 with a talented instructor you can get where you want to be faster. Why get demotivated and drop out when you can join a community led by a like-minded fitness coach to give you the support you need. CoachWho is where people connect with talented and qualified fitness coaches for group classes, one-on-one coaching, corporate, at home and outdoors.

It's personal

Your workout. Your choice

Exercise your right to choose talented group or one-on-one fitness instructors. After all, your fitness preferences and needs are unique to you. Watch our instructors video demonstrations, get a taste of their technique and personality and find the one who fits You!

Verified accreditations


We run independent background checks on the certifications provided by the fitness instructors to give you peace of mind. You can now ensure that your next group class or one-on-one workout is given by a qualified fitness professional.


Find your fitness, fast

Easily find and compare instructors near you based on technique and style, location, price, qualifications and connect instantly. CoachWho is where people get in touch with talented and qualified fitness instructors with a click. Let's go!

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